Work With Chuck

The Accelerating Performance Programs are designed to assist small to mid-sized business leaders that are not content with their current business performance and want to take an active step in improving and/or accelerating their overall performance.

Chuck offers his Accelerating Business Performance Programs through 3 levels of engagement dependent on how fast you want to implement and begin to see positive changes in your business performance.

How Fast do You Want to Go????

Platinum Package:

  • This intense, comprehensive package is designed to provide the largest amount of change in the shortest period of time.
    • As a fighter pilot would say, this program can best be described as a fully loaded, high impact, low level, high speed pass into yourself, your business and its associated issues.
  • The program begins with an overall business assessment as you work one-on-one with Chuck, at your facility.
    • This 5 day assessment will entail an intensive deep dive into your business performance and covers all the elements of Chuck’s proven Success Model
    • The result of this session will be not only be a full understanding of what is holding back your business performance, but also a detailed series of time-lined action steps designed to remedy those issues and move your business forward
  • Once the initial assessment and associated action items are complete, this package also includes weekly, 1 hour follow-up meetings with Chuck to review your progress to help you keep your plan on track.
  • You will also be a featured guest on Chuck’s weekly Podcast “Pushing the Envelope” where he interviews business entrepreneurs as they pursue their vision of business success
  • Contact Chuck for pricing and availability

Gold Package:

  • The Gold Package is designed to be conducted at a slower pace and will generate a moderate amount of change, over a longer length of time.
  • In fighter pilot jargon, this is a higher level, slower speed, light loaded pass into your business and its associated issues.
  • This program is also conducted at your facility, one-one-one with Chuck and would take place over a period of 2 days.
    • The initial 2 day assessment includes a review of the leadership, vision and strategic elements of your business.
    • The result of the session will be a basic understanding of your business performance issues and a list of higher level action steps tied to the review.
  • The Gold Package also includes bi-weekly calls with Chuck designed to review your progress to the plan and help keep the plan on track.
  • Contact Chuck for pricing and availability.

Silver Package:

  • This self-paced, home study course is designed to walk you through all the elements of Chuck’s Success Model.
  • This course is conducted using the same Accelerating Performance Workbook used in the Platinum and Gold packages and includes a series of supporting videos that walk you through the program.
  • The results of the course include a self-diagnosis of issues holding back your business performance and list of self-generated actions designed to rectify those issues.
  • Note: This program is now under development and should be ready in the coming weeks.
  • Contact Chuck for pricing and availability.

If you’re serious about accelerating the performance of your business, Chuck can help.

To schedule your Accelerating Business Performance Program or for further information, please contact Chuck at or call at 210-262-5880.