View from the Cockpit: How Business Coaching Benefits You

Is it the shared knowledge and collaborative experience? Yes, but there’s also this key factor…

It can be lonely at the top. When you’re the senior leader everyone looks to for answers, you’re also the one who wakes up in the middle of the night wondering how to make payroll or how to get that order out on time.Business Coaching

I’ve sat in that chair more than once and I can tell you it’s not always easy. But it’s part and parcel of being a leader. So, how does a leader become more comfortable sitting in that chair?

Everyone can benefit from coaching and mentoring during their career and that includes business leaders. When I work with owners, CEOs, and other top management, I bring my whole arsenal – leadership, guidance, and structure – to help businesses turn towards improved growth and profitability. Sometimes it’s sharing experience, other times it’s bringing focus – and other times it’s accountability that makes the difference.

I recently had the chance to get an update from a client who has nearly doubled the size of his business in less than two years, and experienced major improvements in his overall profitability. He now works five days a week instead of seven, is more relaxed, and takes real vacations. Over the past year he has given larger rewards to his team – and he has paid off his business.

When I first started working with him he had owned the business for almost 20 years – and it was still the same size as when he bought it. He was not happy with the amount of time he was spending at the office, the current state of the company and felt he had taken it as far as he could on his own.

In our discussion he stressed the importance of accountability in our coaching as being a key element to the success he now enjoys. Each week he knew that I was going to hold him accountable for tasks he agreed to accomplish, which gave him an extra push to get thework done. There’s something powerful about knowing that you’re accountable to someone else for what you committed to do.

We started our work together with my Accelerating Business Performance Program, which walks through implementing the basic building blocks of a successful business – Leadership, Vision, Strategy, Actions, Accountability and Success. It’s a simple process that is the hallmark of every profitable business.

Once you implement the basics, a business can make progress and see growth fairly quickly – as this client did. And then the question is, okay, how fast do you want to go? And that’s when the fun starts…

Need some accountability in your business to help accelerate growth and profitability?

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