Pushing The Envelope Podcast

Pushing the Envelope

The phrase “Pushing the Envelope” is a term that was first used in the early days of testing high performance aircraft in the high desert areas of southern California. Simply put, the envelope being referenced are the engineering design limits or flight envelope of a particular aircraft. An example of aircraft flight envelope can be seen here:

The phrase “Pushing the Envelope” was used by test pilots to physically test or “push” those limits in an effort to expand the aircraft’s limitations or flight envelope. Thus the phrase, “Pushing the Envelope.”

Being an ex-F14 pilot, and later in my career a business leader, I have used the phrase to help push the current performance boundaries of the businesses I’ve lead. i think it translates across very well.

Pushing the Envelope is a weekly show where I discuss the key elements of business success that will help you push the performance boundaries of your business, and accelerate it to brand new heights.