Hiring Practices and Age Discrimination in the Workplace

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to meet Bob Weinstein who is the author of numerous books related to workplace issues. At the time Bob, was gathering information for a new book pertaining to company hiring practices and age discrimination. Having experienced age discrimination first hand, I felt a book such as this was long overdue and was happy to provide details of my experiences and viewpoints on the subject.

Bob’s book “So What if I’m 65” was published last week and I highly recommend it for anyone over 50 years old who is seeking employment.  He’s posted several of my comments throughout this thought provoking book and after reading it, was pleased to provide the following endorsement:

“Bob Weinstein hit the nail on the head with this one!!!  He talks openly about the sensitive topic of age discrimination in today’s ‘youth skewed’ hiring process and provides the older worker solid guidance and advice as to how they can successfully navigate the obstacles.”

So What if I,m 65″  is available on Amazon.com.

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