Flight Plan for Human Resources

Does your Human Resources department have a flight plan that supports the overall objectives of your business? Here are 5 steps you can take right now to ensure that that your HR department is positioned to help Accelerate the Performance of your entire organization.

1. Start with a Plan

Create an Action Plan specifically for HR that aligns with your organizational Strategy. This plan should include everything necessary to ensure that your entire operation has the needed human capital, training, communication, safety program, employee procedures and policies in place. Keep the plan simple and communicate it throughout the organization. Once the plan is prepared, stay the course and follow through.

2. Hire Right

Get the right people in the right places and get their actions aligned. Then, provide the necessary feedback, coaching and mentoring along the way and have the courage and discipline to make the tough decisions.

3. Take Care of Your People

This includes pay, benefits, safety, communication, and facilities. Play an active role in the Safety Program. Training should also be structured as part of the overall plan and supportive of the organizational strategy. As a leader, make yourself visible and available on the shop floor. Treat employees with respect: It goes both ways. And always, always have faith and trust in your staff!

4. Communication

Human Resources is at the center of your company communications plan. Respect your and your employees’ time by limiting meetings and keeping them short. Employee communication includes – all employee meetings, bulletin boards, newsletters, postings, birthday meetings, and letters of appreciation.

5. Accountability

To Accelerate Business Performance, people must be held accountable for their individual performance. When you have an underperforming staff member, do not take on the task yourself. It’s been my experience that people do not perform for three reasons and it’s up to us as leaders to determine which one fits the situation:
1. They don’t have the necessary tools or training.
2. They do not have the necessary skill set, capability, or capacity.
3. They just don’t care.

Realize that you can’t save everyone. Individual goals and objectives need to be set to establish the performance expectations and then tied to an incentive compensation plan. Conduct structured and timely Performance Reviews while fostering an environment that supports honest employee performance feedback.

This has been my View from the Cockpit on Human Resources. I look forward to your feedback. You can contact me at chuck@tomcat-group.com

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