Are Your Employees in the Dark?

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Communication is a key element in the success of any organization, yet is it often the most misunderstood and neglected. I've seen first-hand where leaders assume that everyone understands what is happening within the company, when quite often that's not the case. I've worked with businesses where the leader claims to be a great communicator Read More

Strategy – Book Interview

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Chuck Gumbert Discusses 'Strategy" as the Third Level of his Success Model Read More

What Businesses Can Learn From the Military

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"What Businesses Can Learn From the Military" Click on the above link above to read what I told the folks at Fox Business regarding three military concepts that can have a dramatic and positive impact on Accelerating Performance within your business. 1. Communication 2. Strategy 3. Accountability During the next few weeks we will be Read More

Hiring Practices and Age Discrimination in the Workplace

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Earlier this year I had the opportunity to meet Bob Weinstein who is the author of numerous books related to workplace issues. At the time Bob, was gathering information for a new book pertaining to company hiring practices and age discrimination. Having experienced age discrimination first hand, I felt a book such as this was Read More

Meatball, Line-Up and Angle of Attack

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When landing a high performance aircraft aboard an aircraft carrier there are Three Critical Areas of importance to the safe and successful landing or "trap." Those were: "Meatball" which provided the visual glideslope or descent path reference via a lighting system on the left hand side of the deck. Note the carrier picture to the Read More

Leadership – Book Interview

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Chuck Gumbert discusses 'Leadership' as the Fundamental Building Block of his Business Success Model Read More

Hire Right the First Time

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"Hire Right the First Time" Click the link above to read what I told the folks at Counselor Magazine regarding how to "Hire Right the First Time." Read More

Flight Plan for Human Resources

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Does your Human Resources department have a flight plan that supports the overall objectives of your business? Here are 5 steps you can take right now to ensure that that your HR department is positioned to help Accelerate the Performance of your entire organization. Create an Action Plan specifically for HR that aligns with your Read More

Common Courtesy

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In last week's My View From the Cockpit I wrote about the dying art of Customer Service. This week I'd like to add to that discussion with some thoughts on Common Courtesy in today's world. Is it just me or have we abandoned many of the common courtesies we were taught by our parents, growing Read More

When Did Customer Service Go AWOL?

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What's happened to Customer Service today? Is it a casualty of our new and improved, instant gratification, automated and thus wondrous E-world? I've noticed a drastic shift away from what used to be the #1 Business Rule: "Take care of the customer or someone else will." In My View From the Cockpit I see many Read More