4 Signs That Your Business Needs Professional Help

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Speed and timing are incredibly important when you realize that your business is in trouble. Whether you are currently underperforming or experiencing a financial crisis, you need to act quickly and consider turning to a specialist for help. Over time, your business will show signs that it needs help and these signs should not be Read More

How to Develop Effective Sales Strategies

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Growing businesses need to have effective sales strategies in order to survive in today's competitive market. Sales strategies lay out a plan to determine how you will get your products or services out there for people who need them. Businesses are much more likely to succeed with a plan in place. The first thing you Read More

How to Accelerate Your Business Performance

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Is your business performing the way you want it to? If not, you may need to consider a program designed to accelerate your business performance. These programs are designed to help you make the performance improvements needed to get your business moving forward. To successfully run a business, you need a business plan that is Read More

General George S. Patton – A Vision for Today’s Leadership

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Most of you have seen the movie "Patton" starring George C. Scott that came out in 1970. If you remember the opening scene, Patton was on stage in his full military dress uniform, standing in front of a large American flag, making a motivational speech to his troops. That speech was actually a compilation of speeches Patton Read More

“Hope” Is Not a Strategy

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I came across an interesting statistic the other day: In most business units only 10% of the employees actually know and understand the organizational strategy. I don't know about you, but that percentage scares me. In my travels I’ll routinely ask business leaders about their strategies, and quite often I’ll hear, “Well, we hope to have a 15% increase in sales Read More

6 Ways to Demotivate Your Employees

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During my 35+ years in the workplace I have seen quite a few different management and leadership styles. Some have been very inspirational while others have been something out a horror film. From those observations I have developed a list of behaviors and attributes that will definitely demotivate your employees, inhibit productivity, lower morale and Read More

Action – Book Interview

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Chuck Gumbert Discusses 'Action" as the Third Level of his Success Model Read More

Accountability Interview

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Read More

Organizational Alignment

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Chuck Gumbert discusses 'Alignment' as one of the key elements of his Business Success Model. \ Read More

Cost Cutting

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Cutting Cost Beyond Labor (Aviation Week) I ran across and old article from an interview I did with the folks at Aviation Week back in 2006. It discusses various "out of the box" thinking and cost saving methods used by several Aerospace MRO's. After re-reading it this morning, I find that it all still applies Read More