Chuck’s Interview with Web Hosting Secrets Revealed


Chuck recently discussed how he uses fighter pilot techniques to succeed in business and in life with Lori Soard of Web Hosting Secrets Revealed. Click here to read the full interview Read More

Setting up a Culture of Accountability within Your Company


The US Office of Personnel Management states that more accountability in the workplace leads to a more deeply committed workforce and higher employee satisfaction and engagement. How exactly can you define accountability within your company and what are some ways to implement a culture of accountability? Part of creating a sense of accountability is creating Read More

Best Tips for Improving Communication with your Employees


A Gallup poll recently revealed that around 70% of employees don't feel engaged at work. There are many reasons for this, but a big one is lack of communication between employees and senior leadership. In a world where the cost to recruit and train new employees is prohibitive, employee retention is vital. Helping your employees Read More

Becoming a Better Leader for Your Business

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Each month, Americans start approximately 543,000 businesses (almost as many close). Unfortunately, by the 10 year mark, only one-third of those new businesses will still be operating. But armed with specific knowledge, you can become a better leader for your business and avoid the pitfalls that cause many of those business owners to fail. One Read More

How Situational Awareness Can Take Your Business and Life to the Next Level

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Have you ever heard the term “situational awareness”? I simply describe this as being able to see the big picture and understanding what is going on all around you. When I flew the F-14 Tomcat for the Navy, I had to understand both what was happening inside my airplane and outside of it. To lose Read More

Listen To Chuck’s Appearance On
“Wichita Means Business”


Chuck stopped by KNSS radio on Saturday, March 18 to discuss how to win in life and business with a fighter pilot mindset. Click below to hear the clip Read More

Win in Life with a Fighter Pilot Mindset

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  One of the things that fighter pilots are taught early is to control the aircraft and not let the aircraft control them. Similarly, you must control your life and not let it control you if you want to succeed. There are three types of people in the world: Those who make things happen Those Read More

“Hope” Is Not a Strategy

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I came across an interesting statistic the other day: In most business units only 10% of the employees actually know and understand the organizational strategy. I don't know about you, but that percentage scares me. In my travels I’ll routinely ask business leaders about their strategies, and quite often I’ll hear, “Well, we hope to have a 15% increase in sales Read More

Hiring Practices and Age Discrimination

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Earlier this year I had the opportunity to meet Bob Weinstein who is the author of numerous books related to workplace issues. At the time Bob, was gathering information for a new book pertaining to company hiring practices and age discrimination. Having experienced age discrimination first hand, I felt a book such as this was Read More

Hire Right the First Time

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"Hire Right the First Time" Click the link above to read what I told the folks at Counselor Magazine regarding how to "Hire Right the First Time." Read More